Frequently Asked Questions

How to Purchase the Software?
  • Mail us your Contact details with Contact No, Email Id, Mailing Address.
  • After that we will send you price list of the HOTEL software.
  • Pay the Bill as directed by us
  • After payment received we will send you the download link of the HOTEL software.
  • After Receiving / Downloading the HOTEL software call us.
  • We will guide you to Installlation of the HOTEL software.

    For detail see the how-to-buy page

How to Install the HOTEL Software?

After you purchase the software you will get the download link of the software as well as the link of all the prerequisite softwares. If you give us your postal address we will send you Installation Disk comprising all the necessary softwares.

The installation package includes the document " HOW TO INSTALL THE HOTEL SOFTWARE" in PDF Format.

You can install the HOTEL software reading the document and following the simple task as described in the documnent.

or you can call us to guide you how to install the HOTEL software.

or If we have remote access to your pc (Internet Connection Required) we will remotely install the HOTEL software in your pc over internet for you.

Can the HOTEL software be installed in more than one machine or does it work in client-server Network?

Yes HOTEL software is a Client-Server Network Software so it is capable of working in a Local Area Network (LAN). One of the machine will be server and other will be client/ workstation machines. All the pc can work simultaneously in the HOTEL software. Suppose One or Two machines in the Reception and one in each division of your HOTEL laboratory or Diagnostic centre all of them will be connected in LAN. So you can work in all the machines in the LAN.

Can I export my report to PDF/ RTF/ Microsoft Word Document ?

Yes, You can. Any report can be exported to PDF and RTF and MS-WORD document. You can edit the RTF and MS-Word Document in Microsoft Word.