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pathology software


  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Prescription.
  • Generic Database.
  • Disease Database.
  • Company Database.
  • Utility Tools.
  • 24x365 Support.*Condition Applied


Single PC 10000/= INR or 200 USD
Client Server ->
Server 15000/= INR or 300 USD Client 5000/= INR or 100 USD each .
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e-DOCTOR is a WINDOWS BASED CLIENT SERVER PRESCRIPTION WRITING SOFTWARE for Doctor.. You can create Prescription easily and Quickly with e-DOCTOR. This is the Ultimate software for any kind of DOCTOR to Prescribe and record/ research his practice.





  • Easy to Use
  • ClinicUltima is very well designed and All forms are so carefully designed with the help and guidence of SPECIALIST DOCTORS and A1 Clinic to ensure the Quality and Standards as per DOCTOR'S need. Our design team work hard on DOCTOR SOFTWARE to make it "EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND QUICK TO OPERATE.". All transaction forms have many autofills so that you do not have to enter same data repeatedly, only the necessary data entry .

  • Almost all composition and Its detail provided with the software
  • In Generic Database almost all generic names with their details like Indication, ContraIndication, Side Effects, Dosage etc.have given. You can find details of any generic Name very easily by few clicks. You can change any data and store your new data as you want.

  • Various type of disease with their details can be stored via this software
  • You can store details of Disease. Like disease cause, Investigation to diagnos, Medicine with strength-dosage-direction-days, Precautions etc. At the time of prescribing you can easily use this data. This is the area where you can save your experience of medical practice.

  • You can enter your own treatment as per your own research and see/use them when prescribing that disease.
  • Auto Diagnosys System
  • As per Indication/ Symptom it will search the disease database and suggest you the probable Disease of the patient with that symptom. you can use this features at your will.

  • Drug Allergy conflict Detection and warning sytem.
  • It will automatically detect and warn you if any medicine you prescribed is conflicting with the drug allergy list of that patient.

  • Auto suggest medicine as per your own settings for that disease.
  • Copy Presctiption.
  • You can copy from the precription of abother patient. Suppose you already have prescribed a patient suffering from same disease, you can copy that prescription easily and use it with or without modification.

  • Find easily drug subtitute.
  • You can find subsitute of any drug on just a single click in prescription window..

  • Find Composition wise medicine list.
  • Same as your Drug Update of Drug Index book you can find the list of medicines for a Composition with the medicine Brand Name- Pack- Strength- Company etc with Indications- Contraindications- Side Effects- Dosage etc.

  • Find previous visit details.
  • Previous visits of the Patient(if any) with the previous prescription can be viewed from the prescription window on a single click. When prescribing you can view the Previous Visit of the patient as well as Medical History, Drug Allergy, Previous Investigation Reports etc.

  • Fully Secured
  • Secured with the latest encryption technology. Fully password protected and encrypted so no one can steal your data. No one can view the database without the password set by you. Application will open only by the Strong Password set by You. So Relax when prescribing.

  • Support by our Experts.
    • 24x365 full online support available.*Condition Applied
    • Email Help Support.
    • Phone Help Support.
    • PENTIUM 4 or above
    • 512 MB RAM or More
    • 1024×768 Screen Resolution or Higher
    • 20 GB HARD DISK SPACE or Larger
    • CD-ROM DRIVE or DVD-ROM Drive
    • Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Higher Operating System.
    • Other Required software you can download from the Internet as per our advice at free of cost.